When fierceness meets future

With Marc Aden Gray


— Conversation in English starting at 01:25 —

What the world needs, is people who have come alive, because present and future demand all of our potential. This is what Marc Aden Gray is convinced about and why he supports people in challenging roles as an igniter, coach and speaker to stretch and activate their fiercest self. In order to make the method accessible he designed the training called STRETCH . Learn more about Marc’s background

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Episode Notes

Marc and Florian work together as a team and created the program Stretch to support behavioral transformation where it is needed and possible. In the podcast they discuss the cost, the beauty and the bottlenecks of change, the 5 areas where behavioral change leads to more space towards a fierce self and the reason why big visions might not be the best approach to prepare for future.

About the guest

Marc Aden Gray began his professional life in childhood as an actor, and continued that work through New York and Hollywood, most notably playing a role in The Matrix.

Marc has transformed his professional life, taking the power of the skills he developed as an actor and adapted them for the business arena. He now is a global ‚MIT‘, Messenger- Inspirer-Trainer, playing in the arena of Leadership, Storytelling, Presentation and Self-Development. Marc’s core work is about helping people to step into their role, come alive and activate their ‚fiercest‘ self in all that they do.

About the host

Florian Kondert is CEO of Future Day GmbH. His team supports organizations for more than 15 years in shaping their future. Future Day’s daily business is to create these emotionally and intellectually inspiring moments that make us change our view on the world in order to take the crucial steps that make a difference.


How would it feel for your perception, wellbeing and outcomes to be entirely transformed? What if you were permanently ignited, your heart set on fire by what you were doing, a fierce leader, 24/7, for your team and projects?

Marc and Florian are convinced of one thing: the experiences of daily business prove that this perfect state is not connected to reality. For a practical reason: we invest energy and try to grow in areas where that energy is simply not a fit.

This needs to change- if you agree that your present and future demand all of your potential.

Learn more about the program

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